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quizballs 221 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. The term 'art house' most widely refers to a genre of: Cinema film; Pottery; Sculpture; or Mime? Cinema film (or movies - also called 'art film' - Art house cinema is typically serious, independent, niche-focused rather than mass-market, in which pronounced directorial style and the thoughts and feelings of the characters are commonly strong aspects of the production)
  2. Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, and New York City have since 2006 hosted five annual championship 'majors' of what sporting event? Marathon
  3. A 'supermassive (what?)' is generally believed to be at the centre/center of the (our) Milky Way galaxy: Black Hole; Red Giant, White Dwarf; or Blue Planet? Black hole
  4. A geis (plural geasa) is a curse or taboo in which national mythology/language? Irish (or Ireland or Eire - Gaellic is also an acceptable answer)
  5. A study published in 2012 (by the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) found that prolonged use of what tended to produce chronic ongoing tension headaches in sufferers: Earphones; Electric toothbrushes; Mobile phones; or Painkillers? Painkillers (whereby a vicious circle of pain, reducing remedial effect, and dependence, was evident in sufferers)
  6. Mount Danxia, the World Heritage Site containing spectacular red-striped sandstone landscape, including two bizarrely realistic (male and female) phallic rock formations, is in which country? China (near Shaoguan city, in the highly populated south coastal province Guangdong)
  7. A Podiatrist is traditionally more commonly called a: Ventriloquist; Ophthalmologist; Chiropodist; or Brain surgeon? Chiropodist (a 'foot doctor', from Greek chiro, hand, and pod, foot)
  8. George Entwistle became director general of which global corporation in Sept 2012? BBC
  9. The preparation of what entails scoring (or slashing or docking) it with a 'lame' (pronounced 'lahm') before baking? Bread (the technique produces pleasing designs on certain loaves, in addition to aiding 'blooming' and releasing moisture and gases during cooking)
  10. Hyponatremia/hyponatraemia is a problematical reduction of what in human blood serum: Sodium; Water; Glucose; or Oxygen? Sodium (typically caused by over-hydration or water retention due to illness - the symbol Na stands for sodium)
  11. What famous toys and games brand (founded London 1760) did French corporation Groupe Ludendo buy for £60m in 2012? Hamleys
  12. What word/symbol appears at the 12 o'clock position on the traditional ipod click wheel? MENU
  13. Manolete, Belmonte, Gallito and Tomas are famous names from what discipline? Bullfighting (Matators)
  14. Put these concepts in order (strict historical founding), earliest first: Christianity, Shamanism, Islam, Buddhism? Shamanism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam
  15. Named from Spanish, 'Land of Fire', what archipelago is the closest land mass to the Antarctic Penninsular? Tierra del Fuego
  16. What meat jelly dish is named from a French snakelike association? Aspic
  17. Name the Russian feminist rock-protest group, three of whom were jailed for two years in 2012 for performing an anti-state song in Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Saviour? Pussy Riot
  18. What commonly used English Latin expression means literally 'so' or 'thus' or 'in this manner', and generally refers to a quoted error? Sic (see sic in the business dictionary)
  19. What SI unit (International System of Units) of measurement is defined as "The amount of substance that contains an equal number of elementary entities as there are atoms in 0.012kg of the isotope carbon-12": Mole; Mare; Man; or Mule? Mole (abbreviated to mol, from German Mol, from molekul, and ultimately Latin moles, meaning mass - one of the seven base units of measurement of physical quantity)
  20. An actuary specialises in assessing: Insurance risks; Real estate value; Cause of death; or Divorce settlements? Insurance risks (the word derives from Latin actuarius, bookkeeper - incidentally, the word subbookkeeper is the only word in the English language to contain four consecutive double-letters - bookkeeper, bookkeeping and tattooee are the only words with three consecutive double letters - see also the Hoover Dam Word Puzzle, which features a single three-word combination containing five conscutive double-letters..)


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