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quizballs 220 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What item very commonly worn by people has a hoop, shoulder, mounting and bezel? Ring (finger ring)
  2. Name the widely referenced Hindu god and eighth incarnation of Vishnu, from Sankrit meaning 'black'? Krishna (Sanskrit 'krsna' = black)
  3. Name the Spanish coastal region containing the city of Málaga, and towns including Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, and Marbella? Costa del Sol ('Coast of the Sun')
  4. What musical instrument generally having 17-23 strings derives its name from Persian meaning 'three strings'? Sitar (from sehtar or setar - seh = three, and tar = strings)
  5. Motorcycling competition which combines flat-track/speedway, roadracing and motocross/trials is commonly called what? Supermoto (or Supermotard)
  6. From what country does the word 'chutney' derive? India (from Hindi 'catni')
  7. 'The Immortal Game' between a Frenchman and a German in 1851 at Simpsons in London's Strand was contested in what discipline? Chess (German Adolf Anderssen beat Frenchman Lionel Kieseritzky - ironically during a break of the first international chess tournament - Anderssen's sacrificial tactics remain regarded today as extraordinarily remarkable - he went on to win the tournament itself)
  8. A cicatrix on the skin is more commonly called a what? Scar (from a healed wound - pronounced 'sikatrix', emphasis on the 'a')
  9. Internet corporation Yahoo profited by $4.3bn in 2012 when it sold half its 40% stake in what vast Chinese web company? Alibaba (Alibaba bought the stake)
  10. Until London's New College of the Humanities opened in 2012, in what county town, since 1983, was the UK's only private university? Buckingham (The University of Buckingham, established 1976 as University College at Buckingham, gaining university status in 1983, it offers, as at 2012, four terms per year not three, and degrees in two years, not three)
  11. Swiss Peter Sauber established his eponymous brand in what sport in 1993? Formula One (F1 motor racing)
  12. Sic Bo is a Chinese game of: Wrestling; Sword-fighting; Dice; or Cards? Dice (sic bo = literally 'dice pair', although apparently the game entails three dice)
  13. In India a kirana is a what? Shop (usually a small family-owned grocery store - the word is Hindi)
  14. In old UK/US capacity measures how many pecks are in a bushel? Four (totalling respectively 36.4 and 35.3 litres/liters)
  15. The word sentient refers to what characteristic: Feeling/perceiving; Carefulness; Age/wisdom; Stupidity? Feeling/perceiving (as most humans possess)
  16. For which art-form did Roman Vitruvius define the three principles of 'firmitas, utilitas, venustas' in the 1st century AD? Architecture (Durability, Utility, Beauty)
  17. What is the primary language spoken in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan? Russian
  18. The insulting slang word 'pleb' - meaning 'common person' or 'commoner' - derives from technical historical references to the 'common people' of which ancient civilization? Rome (or Roman - see pleb slang word origins)
  19. In Spain, El Gordo is a: Bullfighter; National lottery; TV Chef show; or King? National lottery ('the fat one')
  20. The seven base units of the SI (International System of Units) measurement system, with the symbols: m, kg, s, A, K, cd, mol, measure what seven physical quantities? Length, Mass, Time, Electric Current, Thermodynamic Temperature, Luminous Intensity, Amount of Substance (acceptable shorter answers would be Length, Mass, Time, Current, Temperature, Luminosity, Substance)


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