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quizballs 219 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. What Mr Men character is orange with ridiculously long arms and a blue hat? Mr Tickle
  2. What notable ex-politician became the first female member of USA's Augusta golf club in 2012? Condoleeza Rice
  3. What, meaning 'gentle way', did Jigoro Kano create in Japan in 1882? Judo
  4. What does a lux meter measure? Illuminance (or luminous emittance, or luminosity, less accurately 'brightness' of light emission)
  5. Prior to Apple becoming the most valuable company in the world in 2012 (at $619bn) what corporation had held the record since 1999? Microsoft
  6. Spell the Russian composer's name: Tzchaikovsky;Tchaikovski; Tchaikowski; or Tchaikovsky? Tchaikovsky (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 1840-93)
  7. Used in the beauty industry, what is the most abundant protein in mammals, mainly found in flesh and connective tissues of vertebrates? Collagen (the word is derived from Greek kolla, glue)
  8. What weapon was named by Finnish people after the Soviet foreign minister responsible for the partition of Finland during the Winter War between the two nations 1939-40? Molotov Cocktail (or Molotov Bomb, or simply Molotov - a glass bottle filled with gasoline/petrol, with a bottle-stopper wick, soaked in alcohol or similar and lit before throwing - after and deriding Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov)
  9. What word prefix makes new words when added to: sale, food, meal and some? Whole
  10. Heuristic refers to learning or processes entailing: Self-discovery/trial and error; Trainer intervention; Strict theory; or Indoctrination/brainwashing? Self-discovery/trial and error
  11. What corporation pioneered the use of coupons in consumer marketing, beginning in 1887, so that by 1913 over eight million Americans had sampled its product for free? Coca-Cola
  12. What large and complex nation contains varying geographical/ethnic/political regions called 'krais', 'oblasts', 'okrugs' and 'republics'? Russia
  13. What famous toy has been produced with special versions including (Hitchcock's) The Birds, Poop Scoop, Pregnant, Wheelchair, Star Trek, and Bald? Barbie (ironically Wheelchair Barbie did not initially fit into the Barbie house..)
  14. The disgraced fraudulent head of failed monster corporation Polly Peck, Asil Nadir, fled to what country in 1993? Cyprus (North Cyprus)
  15. The 'Occam's Razor' (or Ockham's Razor) principle asserts that reliable theories and explanations tend to entail minimal: Words; Rules and Laws; Assumptions; or Complexity? Assumptions (see Occam's Razor in the business dictionary)
  16. What is the three-horse-abreast sleigh traditionally seen as an icon of Russia, and derived from this a technical term for a three-member panel or leadership? Troika (also describes the three main officials of communist states: party leader, head of government, head of state)
  17. Name the e-book reader product brand launched in 2012 by Barnes and Noble/Microsoft? Nook
  18. Moletronics is a portmanteau word combining electronics and what? Molecular (in molecular electronics, individual molecules replace microelectronic devices such as diodes)
  19. What word, equating to check, is given to the amplified sound system for performers at a concert venue? Monitor
  20. What is Europe's largest island? Great Britain (or Britain, or more loosely the UK)


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