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quizballs 218 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Particularly related to a controversial foodstuff, the bodily intervention device/process called 'gavage' refers to what? Force-feeding (or tube-feeding, notably of ducks/geese in producing the paté fois gras, literally 'fat liver' - gavage is also a a tube used in administering food/drugs in human medication)
  2. The word ephemeral means: Imaginative; Short-lived; Detached; or Ecstatic? Short-lived (i.e., having a short life-cycle or existence, from Greek ephemeros, 'lasting only one day')
  3. What nation has 27 states, most of which exceed the area of an entire moderately-sized country, and include Acre, Minas Gerais, Sergipe, and Amazonas? Brazil
  4. The biblical lesson of wise decision-making, entailing halving (that's halving, not having) a baby, is known as the 'Judgement/Judgment of (Who?)' ? Solomon (King Solomon suggested to two women claiming motherhood of a baby that he cut the baby in half, causing the real mother to offer the baby to the other woman, while the false mother agreed to the halving - he didn't actually halve the baby - he gave it to the real mum)
  5. The amplified sound system for a concert venue audience, abbreviated to FOH, stands for what? Front Of House
  6. Vuelta is a cycle race of which nation? Spain (notably Vuelta a España = Tour of Spain - equating to Tour de France)
  7. From Dutch meaning 'foolish gull', the Australian word mollymawk refers to what sort of bird? Albatross
  8. The terms ZiL and Chaika, referring to traffic lanes reserved for politicians and important people, derive from: Russian limousines; Japanese motorbike-police; German road-markings; or Chinese traffic cones? Russian limousines (ZiL is from Zavod imeni Likhachovalanes = Factory named after Likhachov, which produces armoured cars favoured by Russian politicians and moguls; Chaika is a lighter and less expensive make enjoyed by the Russian well-off and privileged)
  9. According to Latin grammatical rules what is the singular of candelabra? Candelabrum
  10. Dom Mintoff was prime minister of which country from 1955-8 and 71-84? Malta
  11. What 20th century musical entertainment machine derived its name from the West African word Gullah, meaning disorderly, or 'zigzag'? Jukebox
  12. What originally American familial (that's familial, not familiar) term refers to a small shop or business run by a married couple? Mom-and-Pop (see Mom-and-Pop Shop in the business dictionary - it's a fascinating subject)
  13. Aside from the Netherlands and Belgium what is the only country in which Dutch is an official language? Suriname (Republic of Suriname, a small north-eastern coastal country of South America, was ruled by the Dutch 1667-1954, after which cooperative independence was enabled, as Suriname, in 1975)
  14. The major UK, US and Canada organizations abbreviated to NFU represent which industry? Farming (and/or in the US and Canada, ranching - NFU stands for National Farmers Union)
  15. World renowned Danish chef René Redzepi served which of these two dishes at his re-created Noma restaurant at London's Claridges in 2012: Lamb on Hay with Live Ants; Salmon on Grass with Live Snails; Chicken on Sand with Live Tadpoles; or Cheese on Sawdust with Live Locusts? Lamb on Hay with Live Ants (an irresistible bargain at just £195/head)
  16. Spell the word: Innappropriate; Inapropriate; Innapropriate; Inappropriate? Inappropriate
  17. What nation borders with the south of Syria and the west of Iraq? Jordan
  18. What Mexican Spanish dish means literally 'little strips'? Fajitas (strips of spiced meat in tortilla with vegetable and cheese and sour cream)
  19. Where in the world did 700million people suffer a serious electrical power cut on 31 July 2012: India; China; South America; or Africa? India
  20. The shortest Greenland-to-Iceland sea-crossing is about how many miles: 180; 800; 1,800; or 8,000? 180 (or 290km)


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