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quizballs 205 - free general knowledge questions for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Born George Jamieson in Liverpool 1935, name the 1960s model noted for her transgender equality campaigning?
  2. Storing and processing data on a remote unspecified computer server is known as '(what weather feature) computing'?
  3. The Syrah grape variety makes wine that is: Red; White; Sparkling; or Rosé?
  4. Spell the word: Greviance; Greivance; Grievence; or Grievance?
  5. From the root Greek words 'against' and 'protection', what medical term refers to a serious human allergic reaction?
  6. What is the main cereal constituent of macaroni?
  7. In a Japanese restaurant an oshibori is a: Hand towel; Waiter; Waitress; or Griddle?
  8. The medical term bariatric refers (increasingly politically correctly) to what human condition?
  9. In geometry, where every point of a shape is moved a constant distance and direction, this is called: Translation; Mirroring; Reflection; or Replication?
  10. In copyright and trademark law the abbreviation IP stands for what?
  11. What 'royal' crop accounts for 70% of the agricultural revenue of the island of Jersey?
  12. What chemical element is named from the French for charcoal?
  13. Name the chemical process for toughening rubber/polymer typically by adding sulphur (US, sulfur) using heat and pressure?
  14. What sport dominated (with 30 of the top 100) the 2012 Forbes list of highest earning athletes?
  15. The brand name 'Surface' was launched by what corporation in 2012 for its new tablet computers?
  16. Which country's flag comprises a round blue starry sky in a yellow rhombus, on a green background?
  17. What, from Latin 'to milk', is the technical name for a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally unblendable?
  18. What three letters did comedy writer Armando Iannucci amusingly tweet back to Tony Blair's ex-spin-doctor Alistair Campbell following Campbell's jibe about Iannucci's acceptance of his OBE award '... your wit a bit tired and blunt already. Three little letters can have more impact than you realise..' ?
  19. The term geocentric places what as central?
  20. Andrew McDougall, whose injury decided a serious international sport championship final in 2012, was a: Goalkeeper; Golfer; Rower; or Linesman?


quizballs 205 - free quiz answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


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