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quizballs 202 - free general knowledge quiz - questions and answers for trivia quizzes and pub quizzes


  1. Trumpets and trombones are most commonly pitched at: C; G; F# (F sharp); or Bb (B flat)? Bb (B flat)
  2. A semi-circular protractor used in basic geometry has a scale of how many degrees? 180
  3. A manse is a traditional name for a house of what professional person: Teacher; Doctor; Undertaker; or Church minister? Church minister (notably originally of the Scottish Presbyterian Church)
  4. Which automotive corporation uses the marketing strapline 'The Power of Dreams'? Honda
  5. Named after its inventor and significant electricity pioneer, a protective meshed enclosure giving electrical protection is called a 'what' cage? Farraday cage (after English scientist Michael Farraday, 1791-1867 - the same term describes the effect of a car or plane which effectively shields its occupants from lightning)
  6. Which national leader took court action in 2012 against a highly publicized artwork depicting him with exposed genitals? Jacob Zuma - bonus point - Leader of which nation? South Africa (president)
  7. Spell the drug/plant: Cannabis; Canabis; Cannibis; Canibis? Cannabis
  8. Name the UK Culture Secretary accused in 2012 of bias and rule-bending in approving News Corp's 2011 takeover of BSkyB? Jeremy Hunt
  9. The famous Mesquita Mosque, within a Roman Catholic Cathedral, is in which country? Spain (Cordoba, Andalucia - as at 2012 Spanish Muslims continue to seek permission to pray in the Mosque, which is resisted by Spanish authorities and the Vatican)
  10. Name the English artist/sculptor famous for large public bronze works including 'Two Large Forms' and many reclining figures and mother and child abstracts? Henry Moore
  11. A major 2012 trade agreement for the Meera Brewery company marked the thawing of commercial relations between which two adversarial nations, partitioned in 1947? India and Pakistan (Meera, a major long-standing Pakistan brewery corporation agreed an Indian joint-venture/distribution agreement in 2012)
  12. In what sport did Swede Oscar Swahn become the oldest gold medallist at 64 years (1912), and the oldest medallist, at 72 (silver, 1920)? Shooting
  13. Which late-1900s significant UK multinational corporation was known as 'The Royal Ratcatcher'? Rentokil plc
  14. Pop star Lady Gaga enraged many people of which nation when tweeting on arrival in May 2012 that she planned to buy a fake Rolex in its capital city's market? Thailand - bonus point - What is the country's internet top level domain suffix? .th
  15. What is the common medical name for the increasingly popular recreational drug referred to as a 'horse tranquillizer'? Ketamine (Ketamine is actually used in human medicine - notably anesthesia, pain relief and sedation - as well as for veterinary purposes including intravenous anesthesia in equine surgery. The popular press largely ignore this, giving the impression that the drug is only used for horses, which is quite untrue.)
  16. In which country did the mayor of Taranto, Ippazio Stefano, cause a fuss in 2012 after attending rallies with a pistol tucked in his trousers? Italy (he said due to death threats. He was re-elected with 70% of the vote)
  17. In chemistry a solution is a: Liquid only; Gas or Liquid only; Solid or Liquid only; or Any of these (i.e., Liquid, Gas, or Solid)? Any (of Liquid, Gas, or Solid)
  18. Hegemony means: Leadership; Insurance; Deceit; or Danger? Leadership (or Dominance, notably by a nation or social group - see leadership theories)
  19. What vast (originally Spanish state monopoly) corporation owns the O2 and Movistar communications brands? Telefónica SA
  20. The IPO (Initial Public Offering, or first share issue) of Facebook valued the company at how many million dollars: 14; 104; 1,040; or 104,000? 104,000 million (i.e., $104bn)


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